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  • Up to i7 3.4 GHz

  • Dual Gigabit LAN

  • AMT 7.0 and vPro

  • Easy Modular Service

  • Up to 16GB RAM

  • Dual Independent Video


The Orion Performance is our newest state of the art back office POS with powerful computing choices and packed with outstanding features!

The Orion Performance POS computer is designed specifically for POS applications unlike any other Server Class computer on the market. The Orion Performance is equipped with an abundance of I/O ports including 5 Serial Ports, up to 10 USB 2.0 Ports and 5 Powered USB Ports, Dual Gigabit LAN Ports and much more. It also boasts onboard RAID and HOT Swappable HDDs. Its design incorporates our “modular” belief that key components should be quickly and easily replaceable and this workhorse lives up to that!

For more information about the Orion Performance PC, download the spec sheet.

Save Data Faster

The Orion Performance is a POS computer that, with 16 GB of RAM, provides superior performance on a Server Class PC. This POS computer provides a much faster alternative to your hard drive, allowing applications to save data at a higher rate of speed.

Never Lose Data

Dual gigabit LAN will allow you to back up your data so, in the event of a power outage; you won’t find yourself temporarily out of business. This redundancy will allow you to discover any errors in your data as well as to recover lost or damaged data.

Ensure Power & Performance

The Orion Performance POS computer provides both the power and high quality performance for even the most demanding applications. This POS computer ensures that you have the resources at your disposal to run your business effectively and efficiently.

Increase Productivity

With up to i7 processing speeds, the Orion Performance POS computer will handle most anything you can throw at it. This will ensure that you have the speed and the power to complete transactions and inventory updates in record time, increasing productivity, and delivering a solid return on your investment.

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