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Future-Proof Retail POS Systems Designed for Today’s — and Tomorrow’s — Businesses

  Our industry knowledge and decades of experience are reflected in our POS systems

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pcAmerica point of sale (POS) software gives retailers the ability to
streamline their operations, increase productivity and maximize profits.

Quick rings. Fast checkouts. That is the foundation of pcAmerica’s award-winning retail point of sale software Cash Register Express employed by over 50,000 users worldwide. The software is designed with the features that are at the top of your wish list like credit card processing, inventory management, scheduling, and cash management.

Automate many tasks, streamline operations, provide fast, efficient customer service, and offer customers conveniences such as layaway and online shopping. pcAmerica’s reporting feature also provides valuable insights for smart, data-based decisions and cloud-based reporting that you can access anytime.

Retailers are continually challenged by changing consumer trends, disruptive technology, and new competition. Heartland understands that to operate a successful retail business in an evolving industry, you need retail point of sale (POS) that can scale and adapt with your changing needs. Our state-of-the-art POS systems equip your business with intelligent solutions that enable your business to operate efficiently and profitably, whether you operate a single, brick-and-mortar store or a multisite omnichannel business. Our solutions are also configurable so they can be tailored to support your unique business processes and strategies. By choosing from a wide range of products and value-added services from Heartland to complement your POS solution, you can create a total retail solution for your business that enables you not only to meet new challenges — but also to thrive.

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