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Pulse Ultra All-In-One

  • Intel® Celeron® Quad Core J3455, up to 2.3 Ghz

  • Intel® i3-6100u 2.3 Ghz, Intel® i5-6300u, up to 3.0 Ghz

  • 15” LCD with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

  • Fanless for harsh environments

  • Wall mountable, VESA 100×100

  • Solid State Drive: Standard 128 GB SSD


Next Generation Pulse: The Pulse Ultra All-In-One with Intel® Celeron® Quad Core J3455


The Pulse Ultra All-In-One system is designed to offer speed and reliability at an affordable price. It boasts a quick detachable base and easy overall service features. A 15” LCD with Projected Capacitive touchscreen and up to 8GB of RAM, this fanless system is ideal for harsh environments because it doesn’t pull dust and dirt into the computer and can accommodate any of your application needs.

The Pulse Ultra All-In-One offers a variety of add-on options including integrated MSR or Fingerprint reader, 2×20 VFD customer display and an integrated rear 8” or 15” LCD.

Empower Your Business with Three Powerful CPU Options

Available with three powerful CPU options, the Pulse Ultra All-In-One Touchscreen POS is equipped to handle high volume, heavy use, and applications that require a lot of power to run.

Enhanced Touchscreen Option

No two businesses are exactly the same and varied applications, budgets and environments call for the very best touchscreen POS options. This is why we offer the Pulse Ultra All-In-One with Projected Capacitive touchscreen.

Deliver Improved Customer Service

The Pulse Ultra touchscreen POS is equipped with up to 8 GB of RAM and transfers data at twice the rate of most POS systems. This decreases transaction times, improves customer service, and gives a positive boost to the customer experiences you deliver.

More POS Peripherals

The Pulse Ultra offers a variety of integrated POS peripherals including: Magnetic Stripe Reader, SteelCoat fingerprint reader, 2×20 VFD 8” or 15” rear LCD display, and 2D barcode imager.

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