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Bemacash is a cloud based, android system, that offers a wide variety of features and benefits to fit the unique operation of each and every customer.

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  • Small footprint that conserves counter space

  • Rugged construction that prevents damage from spills and bumps

  • Ability to integrate with a KDS so baristas can see orders immediately

  • Real-time sales, inventory and bill of material reports, accessible anytime, anywhere with Internet-connected devices

The Right Blend of Features and Functions

Your coffee shop prides itself on the ability to create perfectly brewed coffee, served just the way each customer likes it. Bemacash coffee shop POS systems make it easy to take orders, complete payment transactions, and manage menus and inventory so you can focus on your primary business objective: serving a great cup of coffee!

Our tablet and 10″ bundles feature sleek, compact designs that conserves counter space or opt for our 15″ bundle that gives you a quick view of all your top items at your fingertips .

Bemacash POS systems also support multiple payment options including EMV chip card payments and near field communication (NFC) mobile wallet payments, like those made through Apple Pay.

  • Time clock functionality

  • Mobile POS option that enables you to move customers through the queue quickly and line-bust with mobile checkout

  • Offline payment acceptance in the event of a temporary loss of Internet connection

Minimize Waste with the Right Order, Every Time

There is a multitude of customizations your patrons can request. If you don’t get it right, coffee literally goes down the drain. Bemacash coffee shop POS systems have hardware options that feature large touchscreens that make it easy for your staff to take and prepare accurate orders. Our software features an intuitive interface, including customization options that your staff can simply tap to place an order. When you chose to integrate our kitchen display system (KDS), orders are immediately transmitted to the prep area, so baristas don’t have to decipher notes or rely on a coworker’s memory to get it right.

Accurate orders, crafted to taste, will minimize waste, but they will also build loyalty among customers who know you get their drinks right, every time.

Product Overview

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